Monday, 21 July 2008

truckfest/july 08

truckfest is one of, if not my favourite festival that we've played.

im going to have to check through my other entries to check that the profound statement above has not been used in another entry but thats not the point. its secluded, small and the line-up has been pretty sweet both times we've been. its just a massive shame we only stayed for the day AGAIN. money money money....

regardless of that, we arrived just after lovvers had finished (gutted), found out it was them that pranked us (i spent a good 15 minutes trying to find tent b in search of food!) and then got stuck in. we bumped into some familiar faces, caught up and then got behind our stage to begin setting up. a week before the festival we agreed to do a 'secret collaboration' with youthmovies to link up our sets. we thought it would be a good idea to discuss this in the week leading up to the festival. of course, that absolutely didn't happen. 10 minutes before we went on we made some vague plans; 'keep it nice', 'cliched keyboard stuff', 'not just loads of feedback'. we jammed a little, i played jump by van halen underneath some noodly guitar stuff. that was it. OH WELL. it was fun and it was amazing to see the YM guys again (including randall and jim). our set was good i think. it was awesome to be asked back and to do the stage up this year. progress or something or other.

so when the collab ended and youthmovies started, i started drinking. and carried on. and on. by the time youthmovies had finished i couldnt really stand up. i then made myself vomit and fell asleep outside our van for about a hour and a half (thanks for carrying me back guys...). i woke later, put some warmer clothes on and rejoined the party. we watched a bit of munch munch and all of so so modern (who were awesome!). we did a lot of dancing and generally had a very good time. it was the last festival of the summer for us and a really nice end to what has been a great experience. THANKS TRUCK!

this month i have:
  • extensively looked for work and failed.
  • played a LOT of football - BSM 5-a-side next sunday.
  • eaten BBQ food
  • watched 2 seasons of dawsons creek - well into series 6 at the moment...
  • started reading again.
  • been to see converge and why?

oh what small achievements. i look forward greatly to being on tour again.

currently listening to:

  • converge - you fail me
  • health - s/t
  • brian eno - music for airports
  • poison the well - tear from the red
  • mix from simon
  • yo la tengo - various stuff

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Alex said...

dawsons creek? are you ACTUALLY gay? No wonder there's no girls around you.