Friday, 27 June 2008

what up june?

its been a pretty intense month.
after finishing the cub scout tour i joined up with the other tomassi's and we hit the road ourselves for 2 weeks. in that time we did our first major festival, our first european show and a run of sold out dates with melt banana. fun times.

im home now and have no money, no job and little plans. searching for a job in the city today was very difficult. i was met mainly with unfriendly, unhelpful people and no vacancies anywhere. my scheduled move to nottingham is dependant on ca$h!

this months top 10 things:
  • health - disco
  • - the lay of the land, the turn of the tide
  • finding the maps/M83 split then getting in for £2 cheaper than it was priced!
  • loads of football on TV
  • 'liberating' things...
  • awesome vegetarian food at the alley cafe
  • the company of data select party
  • half price meals at wagamamas
  • comadre, live in paris
  • rival schools at download

we were made to love, but we are not the best at it

i first met todd marriot about 3 years ago at the old angel in nottingham. he had a mullet.
having a small knowledge of each others solo projects from the realms of myspace i believe we exchanged numbers in the hope to do some shows together. this first happened at the black dog in grantham. it was the first of many, many shows together.

i think william joined the band in the summer of 2006. we played summerslam together and decided to do a tour together in september. this was literally just before they'd been signed and it was a total DIY, play anywhere kind of tour. i remember that my house was free and as most of the shows were northern, we'd drive back home after each show and just hang out. having only toured once before it was all amazing fun. cubscout were our age and awesome to spend time with.

over the course of time, their profile had been raised tremendously and they did everything they could to help us out; putting on shows, dropping our name in interviews and even wearing our shirts in their videos! it wasnt because they'd been told to or because it was in their interests; they did it because they were our best friends. earlier this year we toured the country for 30 days solid and it was a pleasure to be on the road, sharing a stage with two fantastic musicians who together were an amazing band.

over the past few months things have been really difficult for them. a run of bad luck coupled with issues that ive never fully understood made them decide to call it a day earlier this month. i just wanted to put something in writing about a band that has played a really big part in my life over the last few years; initially as a fan, then a friend and eventually a session musician!

i have a lot of good memories that directly relate to i was a cub scout so may that project rest in peace and good luck to both of the boys in sorting out something new.