Saturday, 13 September 2008


yeah, i haven't written for a while. mainly because ive been left with the responsibility of taking care of the tomassi blog (because im in a band with lazy bastards) and i guess i would write about similar things in both so this has been neglected. to catch up with whats been happening, go to leeds fest sort of review, paris weekend etc.

so, im home, jobless and itching to go on tour. this is the least money ive had since taking the gap year and im just about to move house for the first time. im very excited but at the same time a little worried. i know that i need a change for sure though and nottingham is totally sweet. a big thankyou to my soon to be housemates for sorting everything out in my absence. hugely appreciated!

grammatics - various singles/tracks/comp stuff
interpol - our love to admire
late of the pier - fantasy black channel
food for animals - belly