Friday, 27 June 2008

what up june?

its been a pretty intense month.
after finishing the cub scout tour i joined up with the other tomassi's and we hit the road ourselves for 2 weeks. in that time we did our first major festival, our first european show and a run of sold out dates with melt banana. fun times.

im home now and have no money, no job and little plans. searching for a job in the city today was very difficult. i was met mainly with unfriendly, unhelpful people and no vacancies anywhere. my scheduled move to nottingham is dependant on ca$h!

this months top 10 things:
  • health - disco
  • - the lay of the land, the turn of the tide
  • finding the maps/M83 split then getting in for £2 cheaper than it was priced!
  • loads of football on TV
  • 'liberating' things...
  • awesome vegetarian food at the alley cafe
  • the company of data select party
  • half price meals at wagamamas
  • comadre, live in paris
  • rival schools at download

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