Saturday, 16 August 2008

start of the new season

so arsenal beat west brom 1-0. the game started really interestingly and it looked like we were going to absolutely kill it but in true arsenal fashion we faded and looked less and less like scoring, making for a pretty nailbiting last 10 minutes. nasri looked good, denilson was solid and so was djourou. good start i guess but must improve to challenge the big teams.

this week has been pretty average. we had a good show in nottingham on tuesday. not so much good in performance but it was nice to catch up with the grantham/collingham crew and other familiar faces. thanks go to kos for putting the show on and wander phantom for lending us their drumkit.

i was supposed to have a trial shift at the forum which i was totally pumped for but someone hadn't passed on a message to someone else which meant i couldnt do it and probably haven't got a job now. its really frustrating that someone elses incompetence has cost me a possible good 6 weeks worth of work but nevermind i suppose. went round to hugh.f.b.escotts and made apple crumble to compensate for being let down.

since then ive done little to nothing all week. we have a show on monday and have just confirmed the date for a videoshoot we'll be doing to promote the single from hysterics. it doubles up as a warm-up show for tour which should be a lot of fun. more details when im allowed to say!

  • owen - no good for no-one now
  • owen - the ep
  • rainer maria - long knives drawn
  • radiohead - amnesiac

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